President’s Proposed 2011 Budget Sets $901 Billion for HHS [02-03-10]

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The President’s request for FY 2011 represents a 10.8 percent increase over the $813 billion the administration expects to spend this year.  Medicaid would receive another $25 billion (to assist the sates) and Medicare would lose $722 million.  Even with that loss, Medicare would rise to over $488 billion next year (from $451 billion this year.)  The total budget is 3.8 trillion for FY 2011, and that is a lot of zeros, adding to tremendous deficits.  While discretionary spending may be frozen for three years, that won’t apply to Medicare and Medicaid. (more…)

Senate Exempts Physician Fee Schedule from PAYGO Rules [01-29-10]

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On January 28, 2010, during consideration of H.J.Res 45, the bill to increase the nation’s debt limit by roughly $ 2.2 trillion, the Senate amended the underlying legislation to reinstate a set of budgetary rules known as Pay-Go requirements. This legislation mandates that all bills that Congress enacts, which are not paid for through increased revenues or decreased spending, can result in an across-the-board cut in government spending. However, the amendment as introduced Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to reinstate Pay-Go exempted a number of programs for the remainder of the legislative year, including the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule.


Introduction to RACs – Questions and Answers [01-27-10]

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[Please note – This post contains information from CMS as well as opinions of Marden.]

Q:  What is a RAC?

A: It is a Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) that works for CMS.

Q:  Why are there RACs? (more…)

Wanted: Men For Occupational Therapy Jobs [01-26-09]

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Unemployed males looking for a new career path could turn to occupational therapy. It’s one of the many health-related jobs growing during the economic down turn. It’s also a field traditionally dominated by women. Females make up 90 percent of workers and men 10 percent, and recruiting males into the field has been a challenge.

by Jenee Darden, National Public Radio

Listen Here:  Occupational Therapy – Men Wanted 3mins, 48 secs

Apply for an Occupational Therapy career with Marden here.

Health Care Reform Update – Is 41 a Lucky Number? [01-20-10]

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Reform changed directions yet again last night with the election of Scott Brown (R) in Massachusetts to the Senate seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy (D).  Brown will become the first Republican to hold the seat since 1953, and puts and end to the Democrats 60 seat majority, possibly ending unilateral health care reform as championed by the Administration.

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