Take Your Child to Work Day Is an Everyday Thing At The Marden Companies [4-16-09]

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Marietta, OH: Take your Child to Work Day isn’t anything new to the employees of The Marden Companies. Because of a very different and special value system having children in the office is quite common for the employees of The Marden Companies. “A lot of companies talk about being “family friendly”, but very few really mean it or carry it out,”says Kary Phelps Director of Billing and Reimbursement for The Marden Companies, based in Marietta, Ohio. “When Iwas pregnant Randy would ask me what my plans were for after the baby was born. Knowing that I really didn’t want to put my newborn in day care he would tell me to plan on bringing her into the office. At first I thought he was kidding,but as time went on I realized he was serious,” Phelps continues.

“I know how women struggle between being a mom and being a good employee. I didn’t want her to have to make a decision between working and being a mom. This works out great for everyone and its nice having a little one in the office. It brings everyone down to reality,” Mason states. “I know when schools are closed in town because our office is usually full of kids of any age. Sometimes they are answering phones for us while others are playing video games in our conference room,” Mason states. “I want to help them balance the juggling act they have to manage. If bringing their kids into work helps them then it helps me,” Mason continued.

Randy Mason is the Founder, President and CEO of one of the largest employers in the Marietta area. Marden employs well over 200 people, many of them women. “One of our Columbus managers was the first to bring her newborn into work with her everyday and it worked out well for everyone,” states Cynthia Bowersock-Thiel, Senior Vice President of The Marden Companies. “Kiersten came in to work with her mom every day for over a year. We would all take turns taking care of her if Robin was busy doing something and couldn’t break away to feed her or hold her. We usually ended up fighting over her. It provided some needed relief too from the every day stress of running a health care company,Thiel adds, “I would hear people say that they needed a “baby break” and after 20 minutes with Kiersten everything seemed fine,” Thiel continued.

“I had the best of all worlds after Kiersten was born,” states Robin LeValley Office Manager of Health Care Plus, one of The Marden Companies, based in Columbus, Ohio. “Because of my employer I was able to hear her first word and watch her take her first step, normally not something a full time working mother gets to see,”LeValley added. “The only reason I stopped bringing her to work with me is that she got so mobile and active that it was hard for me to keep up with her and get my work done,” LeValley stated, “otherwise I am sure she would still be here. It was my decision not to bring her in anymore and I will always be grateful for what I had that first year,” LeValley says.

The Marden Companies is an ancillary health care provider that offers inpatient rehab, home health care and out patient physical therapy services in three states.

“We do a lot of things differently around here to remain competitive and a leader in our business, states Bowersock-Thiel. “Our outlook on “Family’s First” is just one of things that make Marden a great place to work.”

To find out more about The Marden Companies or to apply for a position contact Cynthia Bowersock-Thiel at 614.433.0264.

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