Rangel – Do as I Say, Not as I Do [2-26-10]

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Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel of New York confirmed to reporters yesterday that the House Ethics Committee has admonished him for accepting a corporate-funded trip to the Caribbean, which is against House rules.   The ethics committee’s probe found that trips made by five members of the Black Congressional Caucus to the Caribbean were improperly paid for by corporations.

Four of the five were cleared, but not Rangel because his staffers knew that corporate money was involved.  Rangel however, astonishingly believes, however, that he should not be held responsible for his staff.  In talking to the press, he said, “Common sense dictates members [of Congress] should not be held responsible for mistakes or wrong doing of staff.”

Alternate scenario – The OIG has uncovered a pattern of improper billings by a hospital and demands a multi-million dollar settlement.  The CEO of the hospital offers this explanation:  “Common sense dictates that the hospital should not be held responsible for mistakes or wrong doing of staff.”  We wonder if that would work.

Go home Chuck.  (Admonishment is a public rebuke and it carries no real consequences.)

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