Rangel – Do as I Say, Not as I Do [2-26-10]

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Democratic Rep. Charles Rangel of New York confirmed to reporters yesterday that the House Ethics Committee has admonished him for accepting a corporate-funded trip to the Caribbean, which is against House rules.   The ethics committee’s probe found that trips made by five members of the Black Congressional Caucus to the Caribbean were improperly paid for by corporations.


Update on Therapy Caps & Physician Fee Schedule [02-11-10]

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On February 9, 2010, Senate Democrats released their jobs creation bill, the “Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act,” a package of provisions designed to stimulate the economy and help reduce unemployment. Of particular note to rehabilitation providers, however, is a provision in Title IV of the bill which would extend the physician fee schedule until September 30, 2010 and extend the exceptions process for the outpatient therapy caps until December 31, 2010. (more…)

Polaris Open House a “Real Cool” Success [02-10-10]

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The Open House at the Polaris Physical Therapy clinic was a real success with over 70 guests in attendenance.  The theme for the Open House was a jazz and blues  accompanied by live music, great food and drink.

“A big thank you to everyone that worked to make this Open House a success,” states Cynthia Bowersock-Thiel, Senior Vice President of The Marden Companies. “As usual, everyone pulled together to make this happen. From making the food to arranging furniture and hanging curtains, the staff made it happen,” Thiel continues. (more…)

Health Care Plus Signs Agreement with Veterans Adminstration [02-10-10]

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Health Care Plus is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to become a preferred  provider for the VA. There are many veterans that live and work in the Central Ohio area, and now thanks to this new relationship they will have more choices when it comes to home health care services. (more…)

President’s Proposed 2011 Budget Sets $901 Billion for HHS [02-03-10]

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The President’s request for FY 2011 represents a 10.8 percent increase over the $813 billion the administration expects to spend this year.  Medicaid would receive another $25 billion (to assist the sates) and Medicare would lose $722 million.  Even with that loss, Medicare would rise to over $488 billion next year (from $451 billion this year.)  The total budget is 3.8 trillion for FY 2011, and that is a lot of zeros, adding to tremendous deficits.  While discretionary spending may be frozen for three years, that won’t apply to Medicare and Medicaid. (more…)

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