Marietta Enforcing Hands-Free Law [07-22-14]

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PhoneThe Marietta Police Department is beginning to aggressively enforce the no-texting while driving ban. The law prohibits not only texting but any use of handheld wireless devices that you manipulate with your hands (keying in a phone number, etc.). Second, it makes wireless device use by a driver a primary offense, which means if they see you manipulating or holding your phone, you will get a ticket. (more…)

Face to Face Is Changing for the Better [07-16-14]

Filed under: Industry Updates — Editor @ 1:28 pm

cmsannouncementOn July 1, 2014, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) published the home health prospective payment rule (the “Proposed Regulations”) for calendar year 2015. Importantly, the Proposed Regulations contain the biggest change to the “face-to-face” requirement to date. This article will explain proposed changes to this requirement. (more…)

25 Years of The Marden Companies! [07-11-14]

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25th-Anniv-Logo2014 is a major milestone for The Marden Companies. Twenty-five years ago, with a vision to become a leading regional provider of therapy services, Marden began with a single Ohio outpatient clinic. Since then, we have evolved into a comprehensive ancillary health care organization that furnishes inpatient and outpatient therapy services in five states and in-home nursing in Ohio. Join us as we mark this milestone anniversary, and help us set the tone for the next 25 years, as we roll back the clock and take a brief look at 25 Years of The Marden Companies. (more…)

Marden Rehabilitation Initiates Services in Florida [07-11-14]

Filed under: Around Marden,Press Releases — Editor @ 12:18 pm

eglsslogoThe Marden Companies of Marietta Ohio are pleased to announce that effective August 1, 2014, Marden Rehabilitation Services of Florida, Inc., one of their wholly-owned subsidiaries, will provide Therapy Services to The Evangelical Lutheran’s Good Samaritan Society facility in DeLand, Florida. (more…)

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