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Billing ServicesWe are committed to providing you with the best possible care and assisting you with the administration of your insurance claim. In order to achieve these goals, we need your cooperation with our administration and payment policies. Please scroll down this page for useful information about our patient billing. If you have questions, please call our Billing Office at 1-800-937-2597 or click on the live chat.

PATIENT REGISTRATION: At your first visit, we need basic information about you and your insurance coverage. Please have all of your insurance information available for the nurse to review on your first visit.

OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU: As a medical provider, our relationship is with you, not your insurance company, Medicare, Workers’ Comp, etc. While the administration of your claim is a courtesy extended to our patients, all charges incurred are your responsibility from the date of service. As part of our service, we will attempt to verify your insurance benefits prior to the start of your services. This verification process, unfortunately, does not always result in obtaining conclusive information from your insurance carrier. If your claim is denied, or paid at lesser amounts than anticipated, responsibility for payment of the final account balance is your own.

PRIMARY INSURANCE: You should check with your insurance company to determine home health benefits and requirements. You may have a visit or dollar limitation for treatment, or need special forms completed by your referring physician before payment can be made.

SECONDARY INSURANCE: We will bill your secondary insurance if you provide us with the billing information; however, even with two types of coverage, you may still have a balance to pay.

FOR OUR WORK-RELATED INJURY PATIENTS: We will attempt to verify your Workers’ Compensation claim with your employer. A claim number is not a guarantee of payment. If your claim or authorization for services is denied for any reason, you are responsible for payment of the account balance.

FOR MEDICARE PATIENTS: We will file a Medicare claim on your behalf, but you are responsible for any amount not paid by Medicare or your secondary insurance.

STATEMENTS: You will not receive a statement until all health insurance companies provided to us have been billed and claims processed. Click here for an example of our statement.

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