Pre-Employment Screenings Specialty Service

PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENINGSPre-Employment Screenings are available at all Marden Outpatient Clinics in Ohio and West Virginia. For large volume employers experiencing, for example, a workforce call back or major expansion of operations, we can also conduct the screenings on site at your facility throughout the region.

The American With Disabilities Act provides that an employer may give a physical agility test to determine physical qualifications necessary for certain jobs prior to making a job offer if it is simply an agility test and not a medical examination. Moreover, if an employer uses such a test, they must be prepared to demonstrate the job-relatedness of the test and that the test is consistent with business necessity (we can assist you with this). As worker safety is your primary concern, Pre-Employment Screenings are an invaluable part of your safety and employment practices programs.

Completed by a licensed therapist, these screenings incorporate a comprehensive view of a candidate’s physical and functional ability to perform certain designated job tasks. Written findings of the Screen are provided to the candidate and prospective employer.

Pre-Employment Screenings take the guesswork out of an area that is difficult if not impossible to judge in a standard interview process. Objective measures are used in this standardized approach to measure a candidate’s ability while at the same time helping the prospective employer determine which job duty may most optimally suit the candidate.

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