HEALTH CARE PLUS TECHNOLOGYOver the past several years, Health Care Plus has deployed the #1-rated Home Health Software (rating by KLAS) to enhance your home health experience. Our software, furnished by Cerner Corporation, provides innovative solutions that enables Health Care Plus to reduce paperwork, offer remote access to charts, accelerate third-party reimbursement and share information between the homecare setting and other providers. In other words, our technology is designed help us care for our patients with a technological Plus.

Our system provides real-time information to your Health Care Plus professional so they can make sure of patient safety and appropriate treatment through easy access of the complete chart. From the first visit with Health Care Plus until discharge, we typically document patient information in the home and share this information within our secure network to:

  • Improve care quality by accessing the complete medical record in the home
  • Increase efficiency by allowing the entry of orders at the patient’s side
  • Ensure patient safety by updating individual patient care plan information and entering new diagnoses as needed
  • Perform medication validation for allergies and adverse reactions
  • Allocate resources effectively through the clinical scheduling of staff and patients and provide accurate information for billing
  • Manage care by utilizing the Care Management Dashboard to graph and trend patient-specific data
  • Increase accuracy of records with defined alerts and comparisons of previous data
  • Communicate in real-time with HIPAA-compliant secure messaging
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